Repair Solutions
Real Estate Solutions for Real People
Real Estate maintains its maximum value with careful and periodic maintenance. In Las Cruces, weather extremes and the elements will damage buildings and equipment. Sometimes, you simply need just a little help figuring something out or making something work. As with any service, having reliable companies to work with is essential. The only way to find that out is to have experience with the service providers. Managing more than 34 homes for the last 5 years has led us to a short list. Yes, we actually recommend these companies for your use! Please let them know you found them through us!!

Atlas Home Repair                               575-522-0697
American Home Appliance                    575-525-2233
The Bug Guy                                       575-635-7237
T&G Plumbing                                     575-523-6602
Roto Rooter                                         575-524-1911
A Cut Above Landscape Maint.             575-680-6673
Allsteem Carpet Cleaning                     575-527-2630